The guitar in the header design is a Takamine LTD2011.
The photograph was taken on tatami mats in the home where I currently reside when in Kyoto.

According to Takamine there were 271 of these guitars made.
It is my primary guitar and one that I rather amazingly received as a gift.
This guitar currently outranks my ability to play by far.

Incidentally, Takamine is a Japanese name and is properly pronounced ‘Tah Kah Mee Nay’,
not ‘Tah Kah Mee Nee’ as most people around the world seem to say. :-)

Here is a link to a post where I described this guitar in detail before knowing I would end up with one so soon.
Dream Guitar – Takamine Limited Edition (LTD2011)

If you are new to Kyoto Guitarist, this link may be helpful in introducing the site.
Kyoto Guitarist – A Reinvention

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