This website is a journal where I am documenting my progression as a beginning guitarist who happens to spend a lot of time in Kyoto, which now feels like home to me. I am an American citizen and grew up in the US on the east coast, but now I have a place out west where I usually stay when I am back in the states.

As I write this, it seems that I will be in Japan about 9 months in total this year. I am planning to spend only 6 months in Japan in the coming year.

I am also spending a fair amount of time in Thailand these days and have been there 5 times in the preceding year. So far I have visited Thailand no longer than 2 weeks at a time.

The site will be sprinkled heavily with Japan and other world travel experiences, especially the ones connected to my guitar proficiency pursuit. I hope a few visitors find the international aspect of the site appealing.

The link below to the first entry introduces the site rather thoroughly if you would like to know more details about how this project came about and what I am trying to accomplish.
Kyoto Guitarist – A Reinvention

Thanks for stopping in! :-)

I will set up an email address relevant to this site pretty soon in case anyone wants to drop me a line.


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