I don’t like the idea of ordering a guitar online.
I presume they are packed well and guitars received through the mail generally arrive in one piece, but I would prefer as I suspect most people would to pick out a guitar in person and touch it and pluck a few strings before taking it home.

Even if my evaluation would not be as valuable as an experienced guitarist’s, it is easy to find suggestions online about what to look for when trying out a guitar. I also think it could be helpful for a person to feel as if they found a real connection with their guitar before they buy it.

No Guitar Stores in my Town
Though I am in Japan at the moment, I am planning to buy my first guitar in the US during a lengthy upcoming visit back to my home country, when I plan to get this project fully underway.

There aren’t any guitar stores to my knowledge up in the mountain resort area where I live when I am in the US.

Though I am sure I could find many guitars in Denver down in the low country ‘Kansas extension’ portion of Colorado, the gas for a round trip drive to Denver would cost more than 25% of my entire guitar budget.

Unfortunately, my returns from Asia usually result in me getting back to Colorado too late in the evening to get much done in Denver before I drive up to the mountains.

Additionally, when your limited time in America is spent in a community that might be described as one of the best versions of paradise the US has to offer, Denver is not a place you are typically too excited about surrendering a day to. With the exception of airport run drive-bys, I am pleased with the fact I have managed to go years at a time in the past without making a dedicated drive down to the city.

Money is a concern, not only because I have to be careful (a significant portion of my income is dedicated to making sure I can freely get back and forth from Asia), but also because I imagine in the not too distant future I will be wanting to buy a nicer and more expensive guitar than whatever I start with now.

I hope one day soon I reach a level where I would not even consider buying a guitar without playing it extensively first. For example, the idea of buying a new snowboard that I have never demoed is absolutely ridiculous to me. Still, for my first ‘getting the ball rolling’ low-end affordable guitar, I do expect to buy online and price will be one of my biggest considerations.

If a person does choose to buy online for pricing, geography or selection, it would seem wise to me to buy from an established guitar dealer with a good return policy. I imagine a good online mail order retailer’s business model must take into account customers doing due diligence with guitars after they have them in their homes and before they commit to keeping them.


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