Strap Graphics Custom Guitar Straps
After just writing about what might be the ultimate ‘cool’ (visually) guitar straps, Revo’s Wood Guitar Straps, I have now found another interesting and very different option that also provides customization.

The Strap Graphics’ website offers custom 4 color printing on typical 2″ wide plastic guitar straps. Their low-end straps are not very appealing and a little pricey at $54 US.

For anywhere between $64 and $129 depending on options selected, Strap Graphics offers leather straps in 2.5″ and 3.5″ widths that look nicer and should be more comfortable. The 3.5″ strap looks too wide for me to consider, but perhaps it is noticeably more comfortable. The premium suede-backed version of their 2.5″ leather guitar strap would probably be my choice if I try one of these.

Online Guitar Strap Design
Strap Graphics’ interactive site allows you to view a simulation of how your strap may turn out after you design and upload your graphic.

It is definitely an interesting and fun idea. The finish of the straps looks good in the photos, though I’m curious about how durable the final printed result is.

The sample images I viewed in Strap Graphics’ gallery show original website preview files as well as photographs of finished products. In some you can see what appears to be a fair representation of what to expect with especially vivid RGB colors that don’t translate accurately with this printing technique.

I haven’t found a reference to CMYK color submissions for the site. I will write to the company before submitting an order to see if it is possible to achieve a higher degree of color accuracy than their standard web interface seems to support.

From the photos, I think the color results can be good with their method. The color accuracy concern is probably not a critical issue for most customers. Just keep in mind that super bright and neon-like colors are not going to look the same printed on your guitar strap as they do on a computer screen.

Revo vs. Strap Graphics
The Revo wooden guitar straps I’m considering would probably come across visually as a more sophisticated option. If sophistication and elegance is part the desired objective with your visual presentation, Revo’s guitar straps may be the way to go. The wood itself is the main aspect of the design and what creates the strong effect.

Revo offers customization options including etching, inlaid materials, and graphics, but if a bold billboard style presentation on your strap is more appealing, then the customization options of Strap Graphics’ products would be more appropriate.

I am interested in both companies’ products. Comfort would be the issue that would likely determine which one I used primarily. Perhaps Revo’s weight distributing, small wooden pieces could beat a traditional strap in comfort as Revo’s marketing hints at, but I have no experience with either product. I will add comfort notes to the site in the future if I get the chance to use these guitar straps.

I should add that I have come across one comment online mentioning discontent with the ‘less grippy’ nature of the wooden pieces of the Revo guitar straps when on the shoulder. Also, there are some complaints or concerns about the hard wood banging against one’s guitar in a case. Removing and replacing the strap might be a more common part of your routine with a Revo. Generally, the comments I have found have been very positive in support of the Revo products.

Another Consideration
Though I’m not totally against the use of dead animal skin in our day to day lives, I do like that Revo’s straps are made of wood instead of long suffering, grain depleting and atmosphere damaging livestock. However, if we are eating mass produced, assembly line beef anyway, it could be viewed as inappropriate to waste the byproducts. Hopefully Revo’s wood is coming from an easily replenished source, but I don’t know.

I am not sure which of these I will end up trying first, but after finding the Revo and Strap Graphics options, I definitely don’t want a regular cheap plastic guitar strap.


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