I don’t have enough experience with guitars (as in practically none) to know how much difference a solid wood top could make compared to a top assembled from laminated wood (plywood).

There is a fair amount of discussion online about solid wood tops being better, but I get the impression that the ‘solid wood is better’ mantra is accepted as fact by many people who may have never really compared the sounds of multiple instruments critically.

It does certainly seem to be a plausible assertion that sound may resonate more robustly through a single piece of wood on a guitar’s top than it would through several slivers of wood bonded together with gobs of glue.

The guitars I have been sampling so far do all seem to have solid wood tops according to the specs. I wish I could compare 2 nearly identical guitars where one had a solid top and the other had a plywood top.

Conned by a Big Guitar Store
I later found out through a personal purchase experience with a large guitar store in the US that the specs you are given for a guitar are not always truthful when it comes to whether or not a guitar has a solid wood top. Interestingly, my lack of experience with guitars caused it to take a little while after buying the guitar to figure out I had been defrauded. More on that story will be added soon.

Tone quality is important to me and on the chance that the generally pervasive observations online about solid wood tops being much better are accurate, I’m presently leaning towards purchasing a guitar with a solid wood top.

Takamine Guitars (It’s ‘tah kah mee nay’, not ‘tah kah mee nee’.)
By the way, my preoccupation with Takamine guitars that you may have noticed from previous posts is mostly due to my need to simplify my search and due to the small personal intrigue I feel regarding the prospect of buying a Japanese designed, if not Japanese manufactured, guitar. Due to this website’s obvious connection to my life in Japan, it seems not inappropriate that my first guitar purchase might be a Japanese model.

Finding an appealing Takamine by chance early in my search, and because it is impractical to analyze all of the hundreds of guitar models in the world that might be options, has caused me to decide to focus on the guitars from this one manufacturer for now.

My reading online suggests that Takamine has a reputation for making quality guitars at competitive prices and that helps me to feel comfortable with my current focus on their products.

I’m not closed off to other guitar brands; but my focus is definitely on Takamine at the moment.


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