Revo Hardwood Guitar Straps
While browsing for info on guitar straps today, I came across a collection of interesting wooden guitar straps marketed as the Revo Exotic Wood Guitar Straps collection.

At 75 bucks a pop Revo straps are not cheap, but they are visually distinctive and reported by many to be very comfortable. I especially like their designs when finished in black.

revo exotic hardwood guitar straps

A few of Revo’s wooden guitar strap design and color options.

Custom Guitar Straps
For an additional fee, you can have larger wood segments used on part of a Revo strap for custom inlay designs or custom laser etching.

I still haven’t found a Japanese themed guitar strap design to reflect my connection to Kyoto when I’m away. Many of the straps I am continuing to find on the shelves in Japan are American branded guitar straps with low quality designs and made with uncomfortable low quality materials. I’m sure they are much the same as what can be found in most any guitar shop in the US.

I really like the idea of a custom guitar strap with my own design on part of it, but some of the Revo guitar straps look so nice and clean without additional markings or design interruptions, I might prefer no personalization.

My Favorites
If I got a Revo strap now, I would be leaning towards a black Solano strap or the wider Gordo strap, also in black, as my top choices. I think one of the Revo straps might be an especially ideal companion for a limited edition Takamine LTD 2011, if I should ever obtain that guitar.

Revo Links
Here is a link to the main Revo Wood Guitar Strap website if you want to have a look at all their designs and different wood finishes.
Revo Exotic Wood Guitar Straps

This second link is for the Revo Guitar Straps original site, when they were being promoted as Heartwoodes wooden guitar straps.
Heartwoodes Exotic Wood Guitar Straps

If you become serious about placing an order for a Revo Strap, you might like digging around on the old Heartwoodes site where you can view some alternate images of their products to help you with the decision making process.


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